Financial info

Scouting is a Charity.

Our Scout Group is its own Charity and has its own Charity Number: 521677.  None of our leaders, helpers or supporters are paid a wage for the time they give.  They are dedicated adult volunteers.

We are part of a Scout District (Stretford) and a wider Scout County (Greater Manchester West).  Our County is one of many counties that make up the UK Scout Association across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  All of this infrastructure requires funding in order to make it work and some of this funding comes from the yearly membership fee that we charge.

Membership Fee

Included in the yearly membership fee are contributions to the running costs of our building (utility bills, maintenance, insurance) and your child’s section meeting (activity materials, snacks, equipment).

Our current yearly membership fee is £156, which is split into 12 monthly payments of £13. Subscriptions are paid monthly via Standing Order.

Because we are a Charity we are not allowed to make a profit from our members.  But the events and activities that we run have to break even between what we charge and what it costs to run the event.

Any surplus from an event or activity will always be put towards future events and activities in order to reduce their cost to you and we will always endeavour to keep additional charges to an absolute minimum.


To bolster our available funds and to give us the opportunity to run or take part in the slightly more ambitious events, activities or capital projects, we actively fundraise throughout the year.  The money we raise from this fundraising is ploughed back into the Group so that we can continually develop our facilities, our leaders and your children.