All Scouts wear a uniform depending on the age range. All Scouts (adults and young people) wear a coloured scarf or necker, the colour of which varies depending on the Group. Our Scout Group necker colour is Emerald Green.

Uniform can either be bought from National Scout Shops or our local District Scout Shop: Dyson House, Newton Road, Urmston, Manchester.

Uniform is required to be worn at all our regular section weekly meetings unless informed otherwise by your child’s section leaders.

We also promote the use of activity wear for our informal activities and events. We have our own group T-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies for both young people and parents which are available from your child’s Section Leader.

National Scout Shops also sell a wide range of informal iScout branded clothing that can be worn on informal occasions when official uniform isn’t required.

For weekly section meetings and formal occasions we ask all our Young People wear:-

  • Section Shirt or Jumper
  • Necker
  • Activity Trousers
  • Scout Belt (Scout Section 10-14 yrs old only)
  • Shoes

How should badges be placed on the Scout uniform?

The placement of badges on uniform varies between sections. The diagrams in the links below will help you get the correct placement for your child’s section:

Beavers Badge placement diagram for Beavers

Cubs Badge placement diagram for Cub Scouts

Scouts Badge placement diagram for Scouts